The Theme

The Jordan family learns the true meaning of Christmas, which is to love unconditionally, have tolerance, and be willing to help others. Another key message in the play is God's healing power. All ten-year-old Mary Jordan wants is for her parents to stay together and for her family to show love towards one another, as well as to others. When Mary collapses and becomes comatose from a brain tumor, her dysfunctional family witnesses the true power of prayer first hand when she ultimately recovers a year later. Whether the audience realizes it or not, Mary's brain tumor is a metaphor for 'chaos'. Even though Mary is comatose throughout most of the play and straddling a thin line between life and death, she communicates her message of love and acceptance while in this spirit realm by means of astro-projection. She can see her relatives throughout their daily activities, but they can't see her. In this way she subconsciously teaches her family how to connect and reconnect with God.

This Side of Jordan

The River Jordan divides the physical world that we are in when living on earth from the spiritual world that we go to after we die. This is when one experiences total Peace and when they are with God. In the play, God sends an angel named Gabrielle as a messenger to tell Mary she is still needed on 'this' side of Jordan and that it is not her time.

A look back at 2004 Season

"This Side of Jordan" an Original Play for the holiday season written and directed by Dorothy Phaire.

Show Dates & Times:

  • Dec 4, 2004 (SAT) at 2 PM matinee.
  • Dec 10, 2004 (FRI) at 7 PM.
  • Dec 11, 2004 (SAT) at 2 PM matinee.
Ross Boddy Community Center Stage, 18529 Brooke Road, Sandy Spring, Maryland 20860

Show Dates & Times:

  • Dec 18, 2004 (SAT) at 2 PM matinee .
  • Dec 19, 2004 (SUN) at 10 AM

"for members of SSUMC congregation and guests"

Sharp Street United Methodist Church,
1310 Olney/Sandy Spring Road,
Sandy Spring,
Maryland 20860.