Heralds of Hope Theater Company's Drama Workshop Objectives:

  • Conduct master drama classes/workshops over a six-week to eight-week time period
  • Prepare aspiring actors for upcoming performance engagements, sponsored by the Heralds
    of Hope Community Theater Company as well as other sponsoring agents
  • Help bring about social awareness of contemporary issues in the community
  • Build confidence on stage
  • Improve diction, voice, and stage presence

What We Do in a six-to-eight week drama workshop:

  • Provide instruction by professional, knowledgeable and experienced staff
  • Use improvisation and various skill-building exercises
  • Conduct rehearsal for a play to be performed onstage at the end of the workshop
  • Perform poetry, dramatic monologues, one act skits, musicals and some adapted works.

Who is the Drama Workshop For?

The drama workshop is designed for serious, committed aspiring theater artists who understand the value of volunteerism and sacrifice to achieve worthwhile goals. We are interested in professional-minded individuals who are dedicated to learning and improving their craft. We accept both non-theater majors and theater majors.

Workshop Cost:

Determined on a sliding scale. Scholarships offered upon available funds.

How to sign-up for a Drama Workshop

If you are interested in attending a drama workshop, provide your contact information to drama coach and director, Dr. Percy Thomas by accessing the "Contact Us" link on our website.

How to sign-up for a Playwriting Workshop

If you are an emerging playwright who is interested in summer playwriting workshops or if you wish to submit your script for consideration, provide your contact information to Alice H. Thomas @ athearaldsofhope@gmail.com.

Playwrights Please Note: If you grant Heralds of Hope Theater Co (HHTC) the use of your play as learning material for a drama workshop, the company does not provide monetary compensation for performing your play or using it during drama training. However, the work remains your intellectual property. If the play is subsequently staged you will receive credit in the playbill by-line and on all promotional material. By offering your play to be used for learning material in a drama workshop and possible staging thereafter, you will gain credits for your portfolio and will gain the immense satisfaction of having your play staged and produced at HHTC's expense without personal cost to you.

Please be aware that HHTC does not guarantee that your play will be staged at the end of a 6-to-8 week drama workshop. There are many outside factors that come into play and effect production. Be aware that having your play selected as workshop material, does not automatically guarantee its subsequent production on stage.

Thank You for your interest in Heralds of Hope Theater Company's drama and playwriting workshops!

Dorothy Phaire
Percy Thomas