Dr.Dorothy Phaire

Dorothy Phaire is a playwright/director, novelist and educator. She is the president and founder of Heralds of Hope Theater Company (HHTC) where she reaches out to the community to aspire actors as well as directors and playwrights through the nonprofit's mission to advance education through the arts. Her plays combine drama and humor to portray a "slice of life," using every day, relatable issues. In addition to her love of the theater, Ms. Phaire writes contemporary fiction and period fiction. She is also a full-time college educator and incorporates technology with traditional classroom instruction to enhance student learning.

Ms. Phaire who was born in Washington, D. C. wants to do community outreach by promoting the arts through her non-profit theater company. HHTC's mission is to encourage, mentor, and provide a platform of artistic expression for aspiring actors of all ages. Its aim is to produce value-based plays that depict contemporary real-life issues and universal themes, to bring awareness of important social problems, and dialogue to offer solutions.

Ms. Phaire's first play, "This Side of Jordan", was staged in Silver Spring, Maryland in December 2004. Her second play, "Saving Us Saints", was produced by HHTC and staged in 2006 and 2007 in Silver Spring, Maryland and Washington, D. C. A holiday version of "Saving Us Saints" is being released in 2010 in Baltimore County, Maryland.

These plays, which feature the dynamic character Mama Pearl, are part of a series that feature the fictitious Jordan family. While the characters are often in turmoil and face new challenges, Ms. Phaire's plays maintain a humorous posture. She tackles such social and psychological issues as: teen peer pressure, sexual infidelity, loneliness, depression, and religious intolerance to name just a few. Ms. Phaire says that the Jordan family storyline offers a rich vehicle for displaying real-life issues because audiences really respond to the strong and opinionated Mama Pearl character, the matriarch of the Jordan family. Currently, she is working on a new play in the Jordan family saga. Phaire's last play, "Arrested Development" (2009) was performed at a staged reading for the Black Women Playwright's Group 20th Anniversary play festival on April 19, 2009. In addition, the one-act play, "Arrested Development" was also used as a learning exercise for Prof. Lennie Smith's theater students at The Little Theater, a Black Box theater on November 16, 2009 at the University of the District of Columbia.Ms Phaire is a proud member of Black Women Playwrights' Group (BWPG) since 2008. To learn more about BWPG visit their website at: www.blackwomenplaywrights.org.